Watch The Superbowl Online

Watch The Superbowl Online

Friday, February 4, 2011

Customized Koozies For Your Super Bowl Party

The NFL Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and this naturally means that football fans all over are beginning to plan their Super Bowl parties. The great thing about these parties is everyone is there to eat, drink and have fun and watch football. If you will be hosting one of these parties or even if you are going to one and would like to bring a party favor we have some ideas for you.

Naturally no perfect Super-Bowl party would be complete without pizza, buffalo chicken wings, chips, dip and a delicious buffet style sandwich selection. It is also assumed there will be plenty of cold beer and cold soda. If you are the host, you also need to consider decorations and all the dinnerware and paper products. There will also have to be plenty of deserts such as a decorative sheet cake, cookies, candies and other sweets.

We have a suggestion on a little something you can give your guests as a party favor that they will thoroughly love and be able to use it over and over again. You can even begin this as a tradition as the Super Bowl party host. These items are called party koozies, which are actually foam insulators which you place your can of beer or soda in to keep them chilled. If you will be serving bottled beverages you can also purchase bottled koozies.

There are many ways you can customize your party koozies. The first option is to order your favorite colors, add the year, the Super Bowl number and the date on them by using the front and rear sides. You may also wish to order the beer huggers and only have them printed on the front, with the year, date, play off number and year and perhaps the host name. You can then if you like, decorate them with each party guests name, by going to your local crafts store and buying decorative items and gluing them on, or you can draw on them.

Your football party will be complete and a hit as long as you have the right ingredients of good friends, good food, good drinks and Super Bowl koozies to keep your beverages cool!

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