Watch The Superbowl Online

Watch The Superbowl Online

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Wife's Marriage Secrets to the Super Bowl

As you've probably heard by now, Super Bowl 45 is right around the corner. It will be between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It should be a very exciting game with an average of 153 Million tuning in to see the big game. How about your husband? Will he be glued to the TV watching the historic Super Bowl Sunday game? It is important to be involved and interested in your husband's hobbies. Watching football for many men is a very important part of their lives and without exception Super Bowl Sunday is of great significance. What a wonderful opportunity to keep your marriage and romance alive but by being involved with your husband in the big game.

The ways to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with your husband begins now. A marriage secret is to have good communication. What a wonderful opportunity to start now before Super Bowl Sunday. Start asking your husband which team he is pulling for and why? Ask him about his favorite teams in the AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference). Great conversations around his favorite memories about special games he watched with his dad or good friends, maybe Super Bowl parties he remembered. You might want to talk about whether he wants to host a party and what are his favorite Super Bowl snacks.

It is important not to get frustrated over your husband's enjoyment of sports. The secret to a happy marriage is to join your husband in his enthusiasm. People love talking about what is interesting to them. One of the most effective ways to keep your marriage healthy is through open communication.

Don't forget the Day of the Big Game. Make sure your calendar is marked for the Super Bowl time. Here are a few marriage secrets that will make it a winning day!

Wear the colors of your husband's favorite team. If possible you might want to buy a jersey with his favorite team logo on it.

Prepare his favorite Super Bowl snacks. He will be very impressed that you listened and prepared his favorites.

Take an interest in the Super Bowl game and watch the game with him, even if you cannot stand sports. It is only a few hours of your life and remember the fantastic Super Bowl commercials and half time show you both can share. You might find that you enjoy football too after seeing how much fun you both have together.

Watching the Super Bowl game together to see who wins will be a great way to have more interesting conversations. It will show your husband that you have an interest in his hobbies and that will transfer to a closer more romantic marriage. He might not even be as resistant to going with you to a romantic movie. The more you show positive communication towards your husband the more it will be returned.

One of marriage's secrets is that nothing is more important than you to your husband and being able to enjoy his favorite things with you makes them even better. Enjoy together the Super Bowl!

Rooting for you!


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